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Whiskey and Popcorn is a movie podcast by local film critics Kaely Monahan and Tuesday Mahrle. You can hear their full movie reviews on whiskeyandpopcorn.org.

—By Kaely Monahan and Tuesday Mahrle What happens when you take three juvenile delinquents and one home-schooled teen from the big city to the Scottish Highlands for some good-old-fashioned scouting? You might not expect a thriller-comedy, but that’s exactly what Get Duked! delivers. Originally titled Boyz in the Wood, this film won the audience award […]

—By Kaely Monahan and Tuesday Mahrle Netflix The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) This film, starring Paul Rudd, is not only funny, but also sentimental and heartwarming. Out of work Ben (Rudd) decides to register as a caregiver while struggling through a divorce. He is quickly hired to care for Trevor (Craig Roberts), an 18-year-old with […]

—By Kaely Monahan and Tuesday Mahrle The state might be reopening a bit, and we at Whiskey and Popcorn are emerging from our home theaters a bit bleary-eyed. It will still be some time before movie theaters choose to reopen, despite getting the green light from the governor. But not to worry! We have your […]

—By Kaely Monahan and Tuesday Mahrle Radha, a once-promising playwright, is facing the “Big 4-0” with little, in her mind, to show for it. Caught questioning her abilities as an artist and frustrated with being pigeon-holed as a black artist, she breaks away from it all to become a rapper. The 40-Year-Old Version is by […]

—By Kaely Monahan and Tuesday Mahrle The Oscar nominations are out and with them come questions, confusion and snubs. For the second year in a row, no women were nominated for the Achievement in Directing — aka “best director” category. And while many film critics and industry watchers bemoan the fact that Greta Gerwig was […]

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