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Water is the lifeblood of the desert. In Maricopa County alone there are about 4.5 million desert dwellers. 2040 projections estimate there ma…

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The Maricopa Native Seed Library provides free seed of local native plants to the community, as well as education and information to make it easy to incorporate these plants into yards, patios and balconies. Anyone can include some native plants into their residences, whether they have a lot of space or a small apartment. In […]

May is a great time to get your garden going and there are three important things you need to take into consideration: location, soil and seasons. A major miss in any of these three areas will confirm your misdiagnosis of brown thumb. I have found that most people who think they can’t grow simply don’t […]

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By Bonnie Moehle – Would you like to change your behaviors and experiences this year?  Start with self-awareness and monitoring your thoughts.  What you think about drives your perceptions, your behaviors, the choices you make and the outcomes in your life.  By monitoring your thoughts and being diligent about only entertaining thoughts that agree with […]