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It is mind-boggling to think about how technological changes have impacted our lives. For example, just think about the fact that “smart phone…

 By James Roberts – During this lackluster season of un-romantic COVID’ation, want to know what’s filling up the message section of nearly every single woman’s online profile? “Hey,” “Hey!” Heyyy!!” “Hey what’s going?” “Wsup!” “What’s going on?” “Whatcha up to?” Not to let the ladies off the hook, the Male Call Advisory Board™ hears that […]

By Barbara Kaplan – Now that the kids are back in school, what changes do you need to make to your home to accommodate the new academic year? Your children have grown in size, and their maturity level has grown as well. This increase it may require a shift in the space for everyone, because […]

By James Roberts – Having been pestered by a series of malware alerts on the Male Call computer, we were fascinated by a story recently related by a friend — we’ll call him “Mick” — who is still puzzling about what happened to him, especially the aftermath. We got the story in dribs and drabs […]

By Barbara Kaplan – As Spring begins it is a time for reflection. I also find it hard to work and stay focused because I want to stop for a short time. I want to stop doing and just be. When anticipating Spring, I think about how I can make my life better. I also […]

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Q. Can you recommend a simple program to move pictures from my Android phone to my Windows 7 computer? A. You really don’t need a program or an app to do that. Connect your smartphone to your computer using the USB sync cable that came with your phone or is available for purchase. When the […]