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2020 has been a challenging year. COVID-19 has forever changed our lives. But in the midst of global uncertainty and sadness over so many lives lost, I am astonished by the kindness and compassion strangers are showing one another. We truly are “in this together.” As we give thanks for all the frontline workers who are […]

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz, D.D. — Turmoil, Chaos, Illness and Death…everywhere. Watching Gestapo tactics against Americans. Mask up, wash up, stand up…apart.             Decisions. … Standing or kneeling. Protesting against, whatever. Need vaccines, but won’t take this batch.             Decisions. … Open the schools, hope the kids don’t bring “stuff” home to Grandma. Must have […]

We are fortunate that, in spite of the pandemic, we can work remotely, and our children can learn remotely. However, this benefit does not come without consequences. For one thing, we are not “designed” to spend extended periods of time engaged in near vision activities (like staring at a computer screen). On top of that, […]

– By Stephen Cohen, O.D. Many people have delayed getting their eyes examined during this time, whether it is due to avoiding going out, other priorities or work situations. Many eye doctors have closed their offices during this crisis. In some parts of the country (e.g., New Jersey), eye care practitioners are only permitted to […]

By Rabbi Robert L. Kravitz, D.D. — I try to teach my granddaughter to “make good choices.” In my hospital visits I meet with patients and families who must make good choices to stay alive. In all our lives we are making choices — turn left, turn right; go up or go down; say Yes, say […]